Alex Gao

Alex Gao is a legal professional interested in the impact of the regulations towards Bitcoin and ICOs as well as the legal issues of cryptocurrency.

NOV 08, 2017

Crypto Trading Platform Starts Accepting CNY - New Era for Bitcoin in China?

NOV 04, 2017

Amazon Sparks Speculation by Buying Three Cryptocurrency-themed Domain Names

NOV 03, 2017

Vietnam Bans Bitcoin Payments, Global Markets Unfazed

OCT 29, 2017

Chinese Might be Able to Trade Bitcoin Again Soon

OCT 27, 2017

Singapore Will Not Regulate Cryptocurrencies, Singapore Official Says

OCT 26, 2017

With BTCChina Ready to Stop Withdrawals, China Bitcoin Gates are Closing

OCT 26, 2017

Hong Kong and Singapore Will Launch Blockchain-Based Project to Link Their Trade Finance Platforms

OCT 19, 2017

Chinese Version of Google Baidu Joins Hyperledger. Who’s Next?

OCT 16, 2017

Blockchain and Smart Cities: On the Way to the Second Capital of China

OCT 16, 2017

At Government-Backed Chinese Conference, Bitcoin is Called “Disaster”

OCT 10, 2017

Signs Appear Suggesting Chinese Government May Have Entered Cryptocurrency Market

OCT 03, 2017

OKEx Responds to Bitcoin Theft, Says Exchange is Safe

OCT 02, 2017

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange OKEx Hacked For $3 Mln, Police Not Interested

SEP 27, 2017

Chinese Bitcoin Tycoon Advocates Central Bank’s Decision to Ban ICOs in China