Alicia Naumoff

Tampere-based PhD Student in Social Policy, focusing on finding new and innovative solutions for improvement of pension systems, curious about the role of digital currencies in that process. Passionate about art. Amateur runner. Happiness pursuer.


Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Others To Help Use Blockchain for Public Good

FEB 20, 2017

Forget Tinder, Airbnb for Dating is Already Here - Powered by Cryptocurrency

FEB 18, 2017

JAAK Announces META, Decentralized Network Backed by Ethereum and Swarm

FEB 15, 2017

D10e Conference in Romania: How Blockchain Helps Fight Corruption & More

FEB 13, 2017

Vitalik Buterin, Other Experts to Talk Ethereum, DAO, Social Goods on EDCON 2017

FEB 13, 2017

Changelly is Set to Outperform ShapeShift with Charlie Shrem as Advisor

FEB 12, 2017

MMM Nigeria: Notorious “Ponzi Scheme” Enables Bitcoin for Payments

FEB 12, 2017

Asia’s Fintech Race: Trends, Regulations, Lessons For The West

FEB 10, 2017

Humaniq And Cointelegraph Announce Blockchain Oscar Startup Competition

FEB 09, 2017

Bitcoin More Like Speculation Asset Than Actual Money: Fintech Panelist in Davos

FEB 07, 2017

A Guide to Trading With Bitcoin: Advantages, Risks (And If You Should)

FEB 05, 2017

Can You Go to Jail for Trading Bitcoin? Russia is Still Deciding

FEB 03, 2017

Techstars Berlin Invests in Bitcoin Gold Exchange Vaultoro

FEB 03, 2017

Strictly Confidential: Blockchain-based Solutions for Securing User Data

FEB 01, 2017

Russia Considers Allowing Use of Cryptocurrency in the Unbanked Region of Crimea

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