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Expert Take
The impact of tighter crypto reporting requirements in the digital asset provision of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will concentrate on cryptocurre...
Cryptocurrency mining under proposed US policy changes
Ariel Zetlin-Jones
Expert Take
Three design flaws in blockchain tech are holding the NFT sector back — and they need to be tackled for it to reach its full potential.
Blockchain tech is holding NFTs back because of these three design flaws
Phantom Seokgu Yun
Expert Take
Nonfungible tokens under the juridical and legal perspective are still in evolution, and there are more questions than answers.
Nonfungible tokens from a legal perspective
Tatiana Revoredo
Expert Take
Most transfers of cryptocurrency are taxable, unless the transfer is qualified as a gift or a charitable contribution.
Get a passport, pay crypto, live tax-free?
Robert W. Wood
Expert Take
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service appears to be blinded by its own enthusiasm on crypto taxation, instead creating an excessive financial burden.
Crypto staking rewards and their unfair taxation in the US
Jason Morton
Expert Take
Michele Korver’s appointment to the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network promises to reduce illicit financial practices within the crypto space.
DoJ’s crypto czar joins FinCEN in brand-new role: Why it matters
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
It is crypto (economic) market data and various economic models that enable us to make sense of the emerging and messy crypto markets.
The rise of oracles: Institutional investors need trusted crypto market data
Nitin Gaur
Expert Take
Any ransom payments made in cryptocurrency are taxed as property rather than currency, so be aware of the U.S. tax implications.
Are cryptocurrency ransom payments tax-deductible?
Selva Ozelli

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