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Cointelegraph Expert Takes are written by specialists in their field who present deep, informed points of view on the nuances and niches of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Their individual views do not necessarily represent those of Cointelegraph, its affiliates or its partners.

Expert Take
Any ransom payments made in cryptocurrency are taxed as property rather than currency, so be aware of the U.S. tax implications.
Are cryptocurrency ransom payments tax-deductible?
Selva Ozelli
Expert Take
Understanding the available data and current standings for the parachain auctions on Kusama.
How much intrigue is behind Kusama’s parachain auctions?
Alex Melikhov
Expert Take
Leaving the hype behind, NFTs coupled with the art market can significantly improve and even transform the art industry in many ways.
Hype is over: How NFTs and art will benefit from each other moving forward
Sophia Schteiner
Expert Take
An exploration into the country’s crypto landscape today and what it means for the future of the digital asset industry in Canada.
Crypto in Canada: Where are we today, and where are we heading?
Desiree Smith
Expert Take
The battle for global consumer deposits is going to be the fight of the century. But to vanquish old-fashioned banks, the DeFi sector needs to up its game.
Better, faster, cheaper: How DeFi will kill the retail bank
Piers Ridyard
Expert Take
Regulators will be challenged to respond to and address smart contracts, as they represent a cross section of law and technology.
Smart contracts and the law: Tech developments challenge legal community
Agata Ferreira
Expert Take
Nonfungible tokens present a new way of interacting with the arts, music, sports and the media — and even more.
How the NFT market leveraged blockchain tech for explosive growth
Tatiana Revoredo
Expert Take
An intellectual attempt to estimate Bitcoin’s price, corrected according to the hash rate metric.
Forecasting Bitcoin price using quantitative models, Part 4
Ruggero Bertelli

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