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Fundstrat’s Lee Admits Poor Prediction of Bitcoin Rally, Still Expects $25k Price by Year End

3 HOURS AGO | by Helen Partz

Tom Lee has admitted that his Consensus BTC rally prediction ‘did not happen,’ still expects Bitcoin to reach $25,000 by year end.

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Hacked Crypto Exchange Coincheck Confirms Removal of Four Anonymity-Focused Altcoins

6 HOURS AGO | by Helen Partz

Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck issues official statement on removal of four privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies in June.

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U.S.: Colorado Proposes Accepting Cryptocurrency for Political Campaigns

MAY 19, 2018 | by Maxwell William

Following the FEC and a number of states, Colorado is considering allowing political campaigns to accept cryptocurrencies.

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WSJ: Coinbase Spoke to U.S. Regulators About Acquiring Federal Banking License

MAY 19, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Coinbase reportedly met with U.S. federal regulators to discuss the possibility of getting a federal banking charter, the WSJ reports.

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VC Firm Behind Snapchat Looks to Ramp up its Crypto Investments, Report Says

MAY 19, 2018 | by Maxwell William

The top-tier investment group behind Snapchat is looking at three different ways to increase their activity in the crypto sphere, according to a report.

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Former UK Visa CEO Takes Helm of Crypto Consumer Payment Startup

MAY 19, 2018 | by Marie Huillet

The former CEO of Visa in the UK will lead a new crypto startup that aims to enable consumers to use crypto to pay for everyday items.

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Steve Wozniak Compares Ethereum to Apple at Vienna Conference

MAY 19, 2018 | by Ana Alexandre

Steve Wozniak said that in the future, Ethereum may become as influential as Apple.

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Norway Central Bank Considers Developing Digital Currency

MAY 19, 2018 | by Ana Alexandre

Norway’s central bank considers introducing its own cryptocurrency to “ensure confidence in money and the monetary system.”

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Ethereum Foundation Advisor: SEC Lacks Fundamental Understanding of Core Nature of Crypto

MAY 19, 2018 | by Ana Alexandre

William Mougayar, advisor to the Ethereum Foundation, claims that the SEC is “trying to fit a square peg into a round hole” regarding crypto regulation.

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Iran and Russia Discuss Transacting in Crypto to Avoid International Sanctions

MAY 19, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Both Iran and Russia are reportedly looking into using cryptocurrency as a way around Western sanctions

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Indian Supreme Court Upholds Central Bank’s Crypto Dealings Ban Until July Hearing

MAY 18, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

The Supreme Court of India has blocked all further petitions in High Courts against the central bank’s block on crypto dealings, local sources report.

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Colombia: Newly Formed Blockchain Association Aims for Dialogue With Government

MAY 18, 2018 | by Marie Huillet

Crypto businesses in Colombia launched a local Blockchain Association this week, aiming to support the industry and inform the government on the technology.

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Chinese Gov’t Study Detects 421 Fake Cryptos, Outlines Key Features of Fraud

MAY 18, 2018 | by Marie Huillet

China’s Ministry of Industry and IT says it has detected 421 fake cryptos, identifying key signs of fraudulent tokens in its recent report.

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Switzerland First in Ranking of Top 10 Most Blockchain-Friendly Countries in Europe

MAY 18, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

BlockShow’s rankings of the best European countries for opening a blockchain company puts Switzerland at the top of the list.

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Malta Partners With Blockchain Startup to Improve Public Transportation

MAY 18, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Malta has partnered with middleware blockchain startup Omnitude to create a transport and logistics platform to improve transport reliability.

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