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Nigerian Regulator Warns Against Crypto Transactions Since They’re ‘Not Insured’
by Molly Jane Zuckerman 7 HOURS AGO
Santander: We’ll Launch Int’l Payment App With Ripple This Spring If No One Beats Us To It
by Molly Jane Zuckerman 8 HOURS AGO
Bitcoin, Ethereum Grow 18% On The Week, Markets In Green
by Molly Jane Zuckerman 9 HOURS AGO
JPMorgan Considers Making Blockchain Platform Quorum An Independent Entity
by Molly Jane Zuckerman 11 HOURS AGO
Edward Snowden On Bitcoin: World Needs Better Option To Avoid Gov’t Coercion
by William Suberg MAR 23, 2018
Malaysia Central Bank: 9 Banks Experimenting With Blockchain ‘Scalable Use Cases’
by William Suberg MAR 23, 2018
Yahoo! Japan Plans To Launch Crypto Exchange In 2019 After $19 Мln Buyout, Report Says
by William Suberg MAR 23, 2018
Dutch Court Finds Bitcoin A Legitimate “Transferable Value”
by Ana Alexandre MAR 23, 2018
Facebook Users Could Retake Control Of Content With Blockchain: Analyst
by William Suberg MAR 22, 2018
Swiss Foundation Gets $30mln To Start ‘Non-Volatile’ Cryptocurrency
by William Suberg MAR 22, 2018
Major European Fintech Investor And Announce $100 Mln Fund For EOS Projects
by Markus Kasanmascheff MAR 22, 2018
China: Stock Exchange Halts Company’s Trading To Investigate Its Relevance To Blockchain
by Helen Partz MAR 21, 2018
Why Would South Korea Plan to Legalize ICOs Again?
by Joseph Young MAR 21, 2018
Stellar’s McCaleb: Blockchain Could Power ‘Universal Payments Network’ By 2028
by William Suberg MAR 21, 2018
South Korea Financial Regulator Says Fintech Will ‘Solve The Youth Job Problem’
by Molly Jane Zuckerman MAR 21, 2018