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Bringing Sustainable Blockchain Solutions and Digital Assets System to Governments, Enterprises, and Financial Institutions

Our Mission

We connect the world between blockchain and traditional institutions of all sizes by bringing wider adoption of digital assets and enterprise-grade blockchain solutions through education and professional consulting services.

Who We Work With

  • Technology Providers

    Technology Providers

    Trusted technology providers that implement blockchain technologies for enterprise clients.

  • Enterprises


    Corporations, governments and other entities willing to adopt innovations into their businesses.

  • Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions

    Funds, accredited investors, family offices considering digital-asset exposures.

Our Offerings

We offer wide scope services for enterprises, investment companies, and blockchain technology providers. We add value by providing enterprise consulting, research, and distribution services for our partners.

  • Enterprise Consulting

    Bridging the gap between enterprises willing to pilot blockchain solutions and the most prominent vendors

    • Education & Coaching

      Education & Coaching

      Sharing the capabilities and use cases of blockchain technology

    • Strategic & Technical Consulting

      Strategic & Technical Consulting

      Designing blockchain adoption strategies through tailored workshops to create business value for corporates

  • Technology Provider Consulting

    Connecting technology provider with potential enterprise clients through creating higher market awareness and making a direct referral

    • Go-to-market Consulting

      Go-to-market Consulting

      Developing go-to-market strategies to better meet corporate demand and provide client referral to bring immediate business impact for technology providers

    • Public Awareness

      Public Awareness

      Creating endorsed profiles on Cointelegraph and co-authoring industry reports to showcase the technology provider's experiences

  • Professional Research

    Generating new insights in the field of blockchain through a data-driven and advanced management consulting approach

    • Bespoke Research

      Bespoke Research

      Providing buy-side digital assets analysis based on clients' request

    • Industry Update

      Industry Update

      Providing customized monthly/quarterly industry newsletter based on client's need

    • Editorial Support

      Editorial Support

      Writing public research document on behave of our clients (e.g., whitepaper)

    • Publication Assistance

      Publication Assistance

      Co-authoring industry research reports to help client establish their industry authority through Cointelegraph's platform

  • Distribution Services

    Leveraging Cointelegraph's 8+ million monthly audience and wide network to bring maximum exposure to our clients

    • Endorsement & Advertisement

      Endorsement & Advertisement

      Creating a fully branded company page and offering banner ads & articles mentions on Cointelegraph for our client

    • Publication Distribution

      Publication Distribution

      Offering pay-wall for paid report distribution on Cointelegraph, and offering data analytics on readers' profile

Recent Report

Cointelegraph produces institutional-level reports on blockchain solutions, case studies and in-depth analyses. These papers enquire into blockchain adoptions and actual cases of solution deployment.

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Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

Cointelegraph Consulting is led by industry veterans, technology analysts and senior consultants.

Dependable innovation deployment is ensured by our wide network of blockchain leaders and experienced team with six years of expertise in the blockchain space.

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If you represent enterprise willing to adopt blockchain solutions or provider keen to supply one with Cointelegraph, you are welcome to contact us.

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