How to make DeFi easier for newcomers, explained

DeFi is popular but not yet mainstream. Why?

The world of decentralized finance has, indeed, been gaining momentum, but the truth is, it is confusing and complicated and might put off newcomers.

As most people entering into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) are familiar with the traditional banking system, getting access to the most profitable products in the DeFi ecosystem can be time-consuming and have a steep learning curve. 

A new user would have to navigate several applications and become familiar with a broad range of new interfaces. From swapping protocols to lending protocols, there are a lot of steps to maneuver constantly. DeFi aggregators might be the way to facilitate the entire list of interactions with decentralized finance platforms.

What’s a DeFi aggregator?

A DeFi aggregator is a platform that brings together traits across various decentralized finance platforms into one location. 

They allow both new and experienced investors to access multiple of these traits and protocols without the steep learning curve.

Unlike traditional investing, DeFi aggregators allow users to learn from more experienced investors by following the same strategies. Inexperienced users can copy complex strategies without having to invest time in learning about every existing protocol.

Seems interesting, but are DeFi aggregators as useful as they say?

The aggregators provide access to valuable aspects such as investing, portfolio management, staking, farming and DeFi tools. 

In addition, users benefit from the data when having all products working within a single platform. Aggregators, pulling everything into a single interface, are able to show data that is representative of the market in an intuitive way. Take, for instance, platforms that offer the best rates for stablecoin yield farming or where the best lending and borrowing rates are.

Got it. But how do I know that I’m using the right aggregator?

The increased development and investment in DeFi means that there is a constant stream of new products and ways for users to engage with the DeFi community. 

This also means more research is required into what protocols are offering and what services are available.

One such aggregator, Feeder Finance, offers a user-friendly interface that supports smart contracts, attracts new users and maintains an ever-growing DeFi community. As a leading aggregator with a community of over 10,000 monthly users, the platform offers an efficient front end and focused user experience that provides increased access to a wide range of DeFi protocols. The company plans to add additional products and expand upon its infrastructure, some of which are already available such as swapping and auto-converting tokens to provide liquidity in one click.

Learn more about Feeder Finance here

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