Camelgram POS del

Sep 07, 2017
Nov 06, 2017

Camelgram is building blockchain based POS clearing network, wallet and devices to enable merchants and businesses to accept crypo-assets and receive common currencies, making technology accessible for public at large.

Project Team
David J. Lee
Founder & CEO
David Blay
Lead Developer
Wu Bin
ETH Blockchain Developer
Wei Jiang
Lead BTC Blockchain Developer
Ming He Ren
Lead Frontend Developer
Robbin Chen
VP of Engineering
Gefei Liu
Chief Compliance Officer
Noel Chao
VP of Technology, Qualcomm Asia
Cao Yin
Founder, China Energy Blockchain Labs
Kristof Kaiser
former Google EMEA Lead
Melissa Zhao
Amazon Mobile Platform Director
Eric Yeh
former Sr. Microsoft Engineering Director, MS Office
Tokens generation cap

20,000,000 POS

Tokens distribution

50% ICO
10% Team
30% R&D+Marketing

Tokens exchange

1 POS = 0.001 ETH


First 24hr: 20%
Day 2-3: 12%
Day 4-5: 6%
Day 6-10: 3%

Differences from competitors

Ease of use, Hardware+software total solution, fast & responsive