Feb 18, 2018
Feb 18, 2018

CREDITS platform is a decentralized financial system for the direct interaction between participants on peer-to-peer (P2P) principles. The platform expands the potential of using financial services on the basis of a distributed ledger, self-executing smart contracts, and CREDITS cryptocurrency. The system is aimed to unite all participants on one site, providing them with a platform for creating and using financial services; where everyone can both offer a service and use it. Thanks to a well-defined and balanced technological system, the CREDITS platform offers a new technical solution and a new conceptual model of networking participants' interaction for the development of modern decentralized financial services.

Project Team
Igor Chugunov
CEO & Founder
Evgeniy Butyaev
CTO & CoFounder
Valentin Antonov
Team leader
Aleksandr Krasnov
Senior software developer
Evgeny Romanov
Community bounty manager
David Kolmakhidze
Head of investment relations department
Bruce Sadia
Development manager
Lera Myazitova
Marketing manager
Darya Merkusheva
Chief Editor
Anastasia Molochek
Vice head of IR department
Vladimir Mayer
Public Relations Specialist
Arjan Eikelenboom
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Kyle Wang
Senior Consultant IBM Cleveland, USA
Christian Ferri
Entrepreneur, Investor San Francisco, USA
Michael Kapilkov
Blockchain Advisement, New York
Christophe Ozcan
Blockchain Technical Expert, France
Artjom Aminov
Blockchain architect at F&L Galaxy, inc, London, United Kingdom
Tyler Perry-Smith
Investor, Enthusiast Savitr Capital, San Francisco
Jacob Salvador
Investor & Trader Blockchain Specialist, Oslo, Norway
Henrique Centieiro
Business Consultant
Token generation cap

1,000,000,000 CS

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 5000 CS

Token distribution

60% ICO
2% Bounty
2% Bug bounty
15% Founders
1% Advisors
20% Operation 




ICO Bonuses:

1st Week: 5%
2nd Week: 2,5%
3rd Week: 1,5%

Additional Bonus from the amount of purchase:

  • 0% - up to 50 Ether 
  • 3% - from 100 Ether 
  • 5% - from 500 Ether 
  • 7% - from 1000 Ether 
  • 10% - from 2000 Ether