FundCoin del

Sep 30, 2017
Oct 30, 2017

FundCoin (FND) - a secured digital asset that is backed by investments in a professionally managed Private Equity fund Professional approach to investment management - taping high growth potential opportunities in Blockchain, at the same time mitigating risks by allocating significant part of the capital to uncorrelated private equity assets. FundCoin ICO is the first ever private equity token, providing investors a safer way to invest in the Blockchain. FundCoin is backed by investments in "Lowestoft", a balanced private equity fund, managed by "Finles Capital"

Project Team
Rob Van Kuijk
Jan Pieter Van Oudvorst
Marlies Sonneveld
Client Services
Hans Van Der Holst
Senior Staff
Webko Wuite
Portfolio Manager
Arjan Van Der Heiden
Chief Compliance Officer
Mark E. Boerstra
Member of the Non-Executive Supervisory Board
Dr. Jaakko P. Karki
Executive Adviser
Cliff Go
Executive Adviser
Tokens generation cap

100,000,000 FND

Tokens exchange

1 FND = 1 Euro

Differences from competitors

This ICO is backed by investments in the Lowestoft Fund rather than connected to a specific company. Other ICOs are used by individual companies as a means to raise investment capital without any backing. The funds raised from this ICO will be invested in the Lowestoft Fund, which invests partially also in the blockchain sector - which is itself a high risk and high-performance asset class - as a part of the overall portfolio. The Lowestoft Fund is managed by the trusted Finles Capital Management, a fully regulated asset manager with a 40-years history and responsible for management of over €500M on average.