GIZA Device

Oct 28, 2018
Nov 28, 2018
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GIZA project is first of all about to launch an innovative hardware wallet. GIZA hardware wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin, Ripple, Stratis, Zcash, and other blockchain-based currencies. The Device allows users to send and receive payments from each wallet by using our browser extension (Mozilla and Chrome). Outbound transactions will require confirmation on the Device itself, which allows users to work with their cryptowallets even on a compromised computer.

Care and accuracy in design show our respect towards the potential consumer. Modern engineered materials such as "Gorilla glass" and water-repellent silumin body material play a central role in enabling GIZA's technological design.

Project Team
Marco Fike
Ivan Larionov
PCB Designer
Aleksandar Rajic
Software Developer
Dmitriy Shishov
Ilya Stolyarov
Software Engineer
Pavel Larionov
Lead Software Developer
Faisal Rahman
Software Application Engineer
Anastasiya Shishova
Software Developer
Dmitry Lisin
Software Developer
Pavel Vorobyov
Design Engineer
Yahya Mukhtar
Web Developer
Karina Dovgalo
Community Manager
Cal Evans
Jason Hung
Nikolay Zvezdin
Token generation cap

36,800,000 GIZA

Token distribution

84% Sale
6,79% Founders
5,43% Team
3,78% Bounty

Expect to raise

Pre-TDE: $3,000,000
TDE: $13,500,000

Tokens exchange

7 days: $0,20 = 1 GIZA
23 days: $0,30 = 1 GIZA


5% per each $10000
7% per each $20000
10% per each $35000