Oct 06, 2017
Dec 24, 2017
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Built with smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, Minerva aims to incentivize approved platforms to adopt its cryptocurrency as a new payment method. Incentivization is achieved by rewarding these approved platforms with newly minted OWL tokens. These tokens are generated at a variable rate as the currency is used. Today’s digital currencies have a serious problem. They’re rarely used as currency. 

Project Team
Kevin McSheehan
Founder / Executive Producer
Corey Jackson
Founder / Lead Developer
Ron DiIorio
Founder / Strategic Partner
Kol Shtufaj
Creative Director, Brand & UI/UX
Cory Torrella
Business Development / Marketing
Robert Forster
Lead Solidity Developer
Courtney Turner
HR / PR / Social Media Strategist
Paul Petratos
Head of Communications
Jevgenijs Steinbuks
Economic Advisor
Keidi Carrington
Legal Advisor
Greg Bailey
IT Veteran
Tokens generation cap

100,000,000 OWL

Tokens distribution
75% Crowdsale
10% Founding Team
10% Long-term Operational Costs
2.5% Partnership Signing Bonuses
2.5% Bug Bounty