Movement del

Feb 01, 2018
Mar 01, 2018

Movement is an app that transfers your moves into tokens. This paper describes how we use blockchain technology and smart contracts to implement economic dimension to the Movement App that motivates users to workout or to use walking as a main mode of transportation. From now, all the time that people spend for running, jogging or even walking to work/classes and back home will become profitable.

The team combined ages of experience in app creation with advices of experienced and successful people from sports industry as well as blockchain industry to create the following whitepaper and the Movement App.

Movement is a new ecosystem, where everyone would be able to get coins for beating the distance. It could be running, jogging or walking, outside or using a treadmill. Users will be able to spend their coins in Movementin-app Store by purchasing sports goods, sports nutrition, sportswear and online Fitness & Yoga courses. Or they could simply trade it into tokens and exchange it to any cryptocurrency or sell.

Project Team
Martin Holt
Founder and CEO
Robert Hawkins
Cofounder and CTO
James Latham
Engineering Lead
John Yates
Web Developer
Rose Harris
Community Manager
Token generation cap

10,000,000 MOVE

Token distribution

1,000,000 MOVE Developers & advisors
2,100,000 MOVE Development reserve
3,072,000 MOVE Pre-ICO
3,000,000 MOVE ICO Bonuses
2,000,000 MOVE Bounty
10,000,000 MOVE ICO

Tokens exchange

1 ETH = 3600 MOVE




Week 1: 20%
Week 2: 10%
Week 3: 5%