6 Questions for Wendy O of The O Show

"I envision it having an old jukebox with all the classics, cheap drinks, and a homey vibe to it."

by Editorial Staff 4 min May 22, 2020
6 Questions for Wendy O of the Crypto Wendy O Show
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Each week we ask the buidlers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector for their thoughts on the industry… and we throw in a few random zingers to keep them on their toes!

Each participant then gets to remove one blockchain question — and a personal one — and they can substitute in two of their own for the next victim.

This week our 6 Questions go to Wendy O, marketing consultant and host of the Wendy O Show.

Prior to becoming a popular cryptocurrency educator, Wendy worked at the largest infectious disease nonprofit in the world, where she coordinated care for 300 patients each month who were living with HIV/AIDS, helping them overcome stigma and struggles.

She first heard about Bitcoin in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she recognized blockchain as a way to improve the quality of her life and those in her community.

She began hosting crypto meetups to talk trading and networking, before launching a YouTube channel to stream the events. More recently she built a consultancy focusing on transparent marketing and business development to help bring blockchain to the average person, which she describes as her true passion.

1 — Thinking of a favorite song or poem, what are the words that move you; and why are they important?

From the Footloose album, Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Free”:

Heaven helps the man who fights his fear.

Growing up, my sisters and I used to watch the original Footloose over and over while staying with my dad. (Yes, with Kevin Bacon; yes, I’m a Boomer.)

Those were interesting times in my childhood as my father died when I was 11 years old, so it’s a happy memory I have with him.

But the lyrics are something I always go back too when I’m struggling. To me it means, if you want something the only way to get it is to help yourself. No amount of praying or hoping for things to change will do it, you must put the effort in, even if it’s just celebrating mini victories.

2 — Who would you hire in a heartbeat, and why?

An underdog. Someone who is currently transitioning in life and looking for a second chance. I feel there are so many talented people in the world that often get overlooked due to their personal background or not having a college degree; society needs to do better and show compassion to people.

Not everyone comes from the same place and generally those with a troubled past can bring unique life experience to a situation a more straitlaced person couldn’t.

3 — Which media personality or influencer do you enjoy most in this space? (Enjoy, not necessarily agree with!)

I have a long list of people I admire and who I reach out to if I need help or just a simple pep talk. They are Robert Beadles, Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow), Bitboy (my favorite frenemy), Mark Moss and Steve McGarry. There are more but these gentlemen are really my main ones.

4 — What’s the unlikeliest-to-happen thing on your bucket list?

I have had a very interesting life outside of crypto, some great times, and some tragic. I do not like to think that anything is unattainable or unlikely to happen: if I want something, I will get it, I’m a fighter and will keep fighting until I obtain my goals.

I do want to travel to Europe and see where my ancestors came from. I also want to buy a dive bar on the Central Coast and live a quiet life by the beach… well kinda.

I grew up around musicians and some interesting people, some of the best times of my life were at dingy dive bars, staying up to 4 am listening to music with friends. I want to recreate that in my bar, I think it’s a great way to bring people together.

I envision it having an old jukebox with all the classics, cheap drinks, and a homey vibe to it. Yes, I will host all my meetups there and annoy my regulars with all the nerdy crypto talk, yes there will be live bands, and yes I will serve virgin drinks to people who do not drink!

5 — What are the best and worst aspects of the shelter-in-place orders for you personally?

Honestly, I like being at home with my daughter. I commuted my whole career and it’s nice to be home with her. I will say I miss hosting professional events and meetups in the crypto space. I love my people and enjoy meeting them in real life to celebrate working toward a common goal.

6 — From smart contracts, to DAPPs, to NFTs, to DeFi we have seen so many of the next “killer apps” for crypto, but none have really taken off quite yet. What will stick?

DeFi is a great thing, especially for the poor and lower middle class. Getting a loan or dealing with banks is a nightmare for many people and I think DeFi can help small business or individuals obtain funding and have a better quality of life. With that being said, there is still a lot of work to do, we aren’t there yet, people need to feel safe using crypto.

Wendy substituted questions 2 and 5 with two new ones for our next buidler…

If you were investing in startup companies right now, what kind of business opportunity in blockchain would catch your eye? Note – not a specific project, but a sector or trend.

Tell us about a hidden talent – and give us a link to prove it!

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