Ep. 30 Crypto Compliance and Growth with Chen Arad (Solidus Labs)

by Joshua Frank 0 min November 27, 2020
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Chen Arad (COO at Solidus Labs) joined The TIE’s Fundamental Value podcast to discuss shared-surveillance as a fundamental infrastructure necessity for regulated crypto growth. Chen covers how data-sharing agreements between crypto firms can enable crypto-ETFs, help tackle market manipulation and integrity issues, usher regulatory approval and institutional adoption, and make the crypto pie bigger for everyone.

This podcast was recorded and is being made available solely for informational purposes. The information, statements, comments, views and opinions provided in this podcast should not be construed as the provision of investment advice or as an offer to buy or sell any securities or tokens or to make or consider any investment or course of action.

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Chen Arad Twitter: https://twitter.com/AradChen
Solidus Labs Twitter: https://twitter.com/solidus_labs
Solidus Labs LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/soliduslabs/
Solidus Labs Website: https://www.soliduslabs.com/
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Josh Frank

Joshua Frank

Prior to co-founding The TIE, Joshua worked at SS&C Technologies where he helped develop post-trade technological solutions for the world’s leading custodians, brokers, and asset managers. Identifying a lack of trusted and transparent data and technology in the digital asset space, Joshua decided to leave his role at SS&C to build The TIE full-time in March 2018. The TIE is the premiere provider of actionable data-driven intelligence to the leading hedge funds, exchanges, researchers, token issuers, publications, custodians, and digital asset market participants. The TIE's Crypto SigDev™ Terminal aggregates and transforms real-time news and information from thousands of disparate sources into meaningful and actionable intelligence to help organizations identify alpha, reduce risk, and improve efficiency.