Interview with Treepoints

by The Oblique Life 0 min September 1, 2022
The Oblique Life Global Goals
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Throughout The Oblique Life Global Goals Season 1, we have partnered with Treepoints, a UK-based social enterprise that helps businesses and individuals offset carbon dioxide. This special episode is an opportunity to learn more about their business, and what they hope to achieve in the long run.

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The Oblique Life

The Oblique Life helps organisations and individuals maximise their socio-economic and environmental impact. To help our clients achieve this goal we have divided our services into three areas: Education and awareness around sustainability and the United nations SDGs, engagement with pioneering leaders who are driving positive changes for the future, investment into impactful and innovative organisations across the globe. Above all, our solutions are delivered at the nexus of inclusion, sustainability and growth which we believe is essential if organisations and individuals are to have the impact our world needs.