Jimmy Nguyen’s Epic Fail — Charlie Lee and Chris Spadafora Nailed It

Nguyen will we three meet again? The ongoing saga of the Judge, Craig Wright, and Jimmy "Hiding in plain sight" Nguyen.

by Paul de Havilland 3 min April 25, 2020
Jimmy Nguyen Epic Fail Charlie Lee Chris Spadafora Nailed It
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WANTED: Jimmy Nguyen, REWARD: 1.1 Million Bitcoins

Galavanting around the world, doing your job, attending conferences, popping up on Twitter from time to time… this is the behavior of a subpoena fugitive.

So, you say you were at a conference in London recently?

Which London? The one in New Hampshire?

Claim to have had a speaking engagement in Paris?

Which Paris? The one in Texas?

Jimmy Nguyen has told the lawyers representing the Kleiman estate against Craig Wright that he is easy to find. The law firm claims to have attempted to serve him his subpoena five times.

Nguyen issued a statement to the court, telling them that:

The Florida Court observed that Plaintiffs waited two years before seeking discovery from Mr. Nguyen and had not sought the Court’s assistance since the case originated in February 2018.

So they waited about two years to do it? Big deal. My uncle waited two years to have his appendix removed, and that worked out great. For his heirs.

Wright Deserves to be in Court

Until this case is allowed to proceed, Craig Wright will be unable to prove his Satoshi-ness to the court.

The world has waited over a decade for the truth, and Nguyen — who may be able to offer no key testimony whatsoever, given that he only became involved with Wright long after Kleiman passed away — has proved to be an elusive fugitive, denying TotallyRealToshi Nakamoto the opportunity to prove his creds.

So it’s easy to Google where he is? It’s even easier on Twitter, where he openly tells the world his whereabouts.

Not good enough. Nguyen has clearly been on the run, jetsetting between events and meetings… although his lawyers said that since late March “he has been isolating in safe and remote locations due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.”

“Isolating”? Ha! Clearly just another word for “Evading subpoenas”.

Nguyen is urged to fly to Florida immediately, and visit the Court in person. (Also, nice beaches this time of year. Win!)

So okay, he probably has scant evidence to offer. But that’s not the point.

Justice must be served… and so must Jimmy Nguyen.

Let’s stop denying AbsolutelyNoDoubtToshi his rightful crown.

Jimmy Nguyen… for your brazen subpoena-ducking, you are hereby deemed a WANTED man and the Epic Fail Award loser of the week.

Editor’s note: this article employs sarcasm. We want to make this clear, so we don’t have to decrypt the piece for you tomorrow. For more on sarcasm, please see the work of Chandler Bing or Donald Trump.

Nailed It

Chris and Charlie: Straight Shooting

We’re all locked down… bored… and we know we could be doing something useful. What can we do from home?

According to Chris Spadafora, who recently teamed up with Jon Lister and Mike Nas from Satstreet to arrange a charity poker tournament to support organizations fighting the coronavirus pandemic, we can go all-in for a good cause.

The poker tournament, Crypto vs. COVID, was also supported by The Giving Block, and kicked off with the first event raising $25,000.

280 players were involved, each ‘chipping’ in $100 to play. A second tournament brought the total raised for charity to almost $50,000.

The tournament, which features a host of well-known crypto players including Peter McCormack, Meltem Demirors, Anthony Di Iorio and Brock Pierce, will continue with other games to be played in the near future.

The crypto sector has been labeled as shamelessly money-motivated at times. But Crypto vs. COVID shows that the industry has a heart. In spades.

Spadafora Organizes, Wins, Gives It All Away

Spadafora couldn’t have set a better example: he won the first game and donated his $5,800 in winnings to the 12 charities the event elected to support. The Giving Block processed the donation through Bitcoin.

He told Cointelegraph:

I donated my winnings because there are people around the world that need the $$ much more than I do and everyone should be doing something to help during this time of crisis.

The money will go to medical supplies for front line workers, helping feed underprivileged children, and to veterans helping their local communities.

The second event saw Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, take home the main prize. Or, to be more accurate, also donate his winnings to the cause.

For those twin gestures of goodwill, Spadafora and Lee Nailed It.

You’ve proven yourselves to be the aces up Crypto vs. COVID’s sleeve. Or at least, pocket kings.

Opinions expressed in this column are those of the author.

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