Nifty Pride

by Darren Kleine 0 min June 19, 2021
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The gang behind Nifty Pride joins DKleine in this episode — organizers Ben Haley and Zac Kenny, Nifty Pride founder, Bruce the Goose and Transgender Emergency Fund (TEF) founder, Jesse Pack discuss the upcoming event, taking place on June 26 and 27. 

Donations to the TEF can be made via the following addresses:

Tezos – tz1NQ86HAbTtLfVvxAUvNcnS9SNncTtzaPjn

Eth  – 0x3330aFcBb93946d639b1B1EbF665F38C622E1aef 

Hive – niftypride2021 

Near – niftypride2021.near

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Darren Kleine

Based in Canada, Darren Kleine is fascinated with distributed ledger technology and its implications for societal change. He had written the Cointelegraph Journeys in Blockchain feature since day one.