owner and Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver has called Bitcoin ‘cripple coin’ despite prices rising over $11,000.

In comments on the r/BTC subreddit celebrating 50,000 transactions on cryptocurrency gambling site SatoshiDice, Ver defied optimism about Bitcoin’s 1,500% annual growth.

“As cripple coin is passing $10,000 SatoshiDice is about to surpass 50,000 on chain transactions with Bitcoin Cash!” he announced.

Ver has become increasingly outspoken on Bitcoin’s flaws since Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into being in August. Despite erratic price and mining behavior, the entrepreneur formerly known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ has publicly divested himself of large amounts of BTC holdings in favor of the alternative chain.

His latest Reddit post, however, was met with little support.

“Roger, you're gonna be writing a lot more apologies if you keep acting this way,” one top response reads Wednesday.

Specific criticism came from users alleging hypocrisy on Ver’s part, having previously complained Bitcoin Cash was not being referred to by its correct name in the press and industry.

“Roger you can’t complain and lose your temper over people calling BCH by the wrong name and then call BTC ‘cripple coin,’ the most popular response states.

“You’re just asking for it if you continue like that. BTC’s limitations speak for themselves; there’s no need for childish rhetoric.”

The wider Bitcoin community similarly picked up on the lack of popularity as Bitcoin actually breaks through $11,000.

The only efforts to support Ver’s view came in the form of somewhat bizarre account u/Nonce_00000000, which used the argument that he was infallible solely due to his status as a millionaire.