Aeternity Blockchain co-founder Nikola Stojanow announced a new €100 million ($112.5 million) venture capital fund focused on blockchain development in emerging markets on June 15.

Meta Change Capital (MCC) claims it will work with projects across all next generation blockchains, providing funding and support in series A and beyond. It is currently securing investors and will close its first round funding in Q4 2020.

Biggest potential for change

MCC will support blockchain opportunities in underdeveloped regions of Europe, Asia, MENA and Africa, especially the areas which will benefit most from the capital. Stojanow said, “I see the largest potential and supply of talent await in countries where blockchain is a tenfold leap to existing infrastructure that is crumbling, nonexistent or old.”

He is joined in the new venture by Luka Sucic, former head of investments and acceleration at AE Ventures. AE Ventures is the investment arm founded by Stojanow for entrepreneurs building companies using Aeternity Blockchain.

Stojanow and Sucic together developed the Starfleet decentralized accelerator program while at AE Ventures, and hope to replicate their successes at MCC.

As Cointelegraph reported, last month Aeternity launched a cryptocurrency tipping platform for social media creators, and partnered with the Indian government to promote the growth of blockchain technology in the country.