Embattled wallet Parity’s co-founders have said the Ethereum ‘missing’ since a codebase delete could return “within the next four to six months.”

In an interview with TechCrunch Editor At Large Mike Butcher, Gavin Wood and Jutta Steiner confirmed they hoped scheduled upgrades to the platform would enable the funds to be recovered.

Since a Parity developer “accidentally killed it” last month by cutting off access to ETH now worth $150 mln, confusion has reigned as to how and even if they will ever be spendable again.

“It’s more of a long-term savings account for us now,” Wood stated dryly after Steiner announced the new roadmap for recovery.

Going into more detail, Steiner said the vulnerability which led to the funds disappearing was known to developers. Due to the manner in which the discoverer told the team, however, the issue did not appear to look like a “security flaw.”

“It sounded like a nice-to-have upgrade,” she explained.

While Wood remained unfazed, Steiner was less settled as Parity looks to cap a year which saw two major disasters.

Previously, a hack saw sympathetic community ‘white hat’ hackers rally to drain user wallets to protect them from further theft. The operation secured ETH at the time worth $85 mln.