Anycoin Direct offers a way for users to buy and sell digital currencies directly, removing the need for the sometimes risky world of peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms and exchanges. Accepting a wide range of bank transfers, wire payments, and online payment platforms, Anycoin Direct's service is designed to provide an easy-to-use and straightforward way for users to trade digital currencies.

Users register their account with an email address and emailed confirmation link. They are then able to simply select whether they wish to buy or sell coins from the large list of digital currencies the Anycoin Direct platform supports. Having selected the form of transaction, users then input the desired amount they want to buy or sell, and select from the list of seven payment options for purchasing, or two receiving options for selling.

Before confirmation, the transaction provides a clear overview of the cost of the coins, the transaction fee, the available credits the user has, and the final total.

Anycoin Direct

Within the Anycoin Direct platform, there are a number of service levels, each with their own limits on transaction frequency and size, ranging from €100 a day purchasing power, all the way up to €15,000. To reach a higher level, users need to complete a certain account verification processes.

Level 1 is granted automatically. Level 2 requires validation of a telephone number. Level 3 requires users to wait 7 days after reaching level 2, then provide a copy of a passport or ID card. Level-4 users will need to offer proof of address. Level 5.1 involves the previous steps, but with validation occurring over webcam. The final level 5.2 is granted following a successful trade.

Full details of the levels and their daily and weekly buy and sell limits can be found on the Anycoin Direct FAQ page. Users wishing to use SEPA payments will need to reach level 5 and then agree to a €100 limit on their first order,and a €500 limit on their second before restriction limits are increased.

Payments are typically delivered from Anycoin Direct within 12 hours, but the company warns that at peek times, delivery can take at most two business days. With certain payment services, however, European customers can expect a payment in under 5 minutes.

By creating a simple and straightforward service, Anycoin Direct hopes to attract users who want to trade digital currencies in a safe and convenient way. Because the financial side of the transactions is handled by the company directly, users do not face the same risks and problems that sometimes occur when using a P2P platform such as LocalBitcoins.

Originally conceived in 2013 as Bitplaats, the company later re-branded with the launch of their modern website in 2014, expanding their focus away from the company's native Holland to both Europe and Canada.

Buying digital currencies costs a 0.3% service charge per transaction, and selling has a 1% fee. Certain payment options attract further usage fees. 

Liking the company on Facebook gives the user a €0.25 credit, and placing orders through a referral link earns them a bonus of 0.1% on their purchase, in the form of credits for their next order.

Cointelegraph: What's the background of the Anycoin Direct team?

Bram Celeen: Anycoin Direct was founded by three co-founders in April 2013 (as Bitplaats). Our company grew fast due to a lot of media attention on Bitcoin at the time.

In July 2014, we launched our new website,, which focuses on the European and Canadian market. Our team members have backgrounds in programming, Internet security and electronic technique.

CT: You offer a range of banking payment options, including SEPA. How hard has setting up the financial side of the business been?

BC: Setting up the financial side of the business had two major challenges. The first was getting (and maintaining) a bank account to accept payments. Banks are not too enthusiastic when you apply for a business account and you work in the Bitcoin industry.

The second challenge was to keep scammers (who tried to order with hacked bank accounts) away from our platform. We managed to do this with our level system and validation procedures (video validation).

CT: Anycoin Direct recently expanded to Canada. Do you have any other expansion plans?

BC: We are actively looking into the possibilities to expand our service further and to increase our market share in our current market. We want to accomplish this by adding additional payment methods and offering a seamless buying experience.

CT: How does Anycoin Direct distinguish itself from the competition?

BC: The main difference between Anycoin Direct and other brokers is that we focus on customer support. Our personal experiences with companies in the Bitcoin industry have taught us that customer support is not always top priority.

We make sure that customers can reach us in the way they feel comfortable (chat, e-mail and telephone) and that they receive a quick answer (on average less than 10 minutes after sending an email during business hours) to any questions regarding our service or Bitcoin in general.

CT: What steps have you taken to ensure the security and safety of the platform?

BC: The most important step we have taken to ensure the security for users on our platform is to not store any customer funds. This way the user’s third-party risk for storing of funds is eliminated and the user will always have control over his funds (crypto and fiat).

Our website is hosted by Trueserver, they work with the latest security standards and are ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001 certified.

CT: Any exciting news or upcoming features you can tell us about?

BC: We are working on some exciting projects at the moment We can’t go into further detail right now, but keep an eye on our website and social media.