The government transportation department in the city of Austin, Texas partnered with nonprofit Iota Foundation to develop a more interoperable transportation ecosystem. The Austin Transportation Twitter account reported on the partnership on April 25.

The tweet contained a link to an event — which took place on April 29 — featuring Dominik Schiener, co-founder of the Iota Foundation, and local authority holders delineating the scope of the partnership.

During the meeting, the speakers describe their visions of a system in which every transit system can interact with the same payment app and a single digital identity. The speakers also suggest that this solution can be realized with Iota’s distributed ledger technology. Schiener stated that the only way to obtain such a frictionless and open value exchange system is to have a common, widely adopted standard.

As Cointelegraph reported earlier this week, United Kingdom car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover will use Iota’s distributed ledger to reward drivers with cryptocurrency for data reporting.

Also, in mid- April, Iota and internet of things (IoT) firm Evrythng announced a partnership to combine and apply their distributed ledger and IoT technologies to provide greater transparency for consumer goods supply chains.