Triple-A games refer to video games with the biggest budgets — and now, a project is developing a title that is powered by crypto.

Aside from the play-to-earn opportunities this creates, with crypto prizes on offer in tournaments, gamers will be able to trade their tokens with others and exchange coveted in-game items with others.

The game, which has the working title of Project Quantum, aims to bring AAA into the 21st century. Developers are confident that there will be some big advantages for players, too.

Quantum’s founder Fraser Gordon says that gaming has long been a big part of his life. However, one of his biggest complaints lies in how every game has its own currency. In time, his vision is to ensure that a number of titles all use the same digital asset, meaning value can transfer seamlessly from ecosystem to ecosystem.

A gripping game

Quantum Works’ new approach to gaming extends beyond tokenomics. The project believes there is a gap in the global marketplace that is desperate to be filled — with fairness and customer satisfaction just two of its top priorities.

Project Quantum brings together the studio’s unique IP with Unreal 5. Players can explore an open world, put skills through their paces in intense battles and customize their characters at will.

The first-person looter shooter encourages players to explore maps in search of valuable artifacts — all as part of a goal to “unlock the unknown secrets of the past.” Gamers can cooperate with one another if they believe this will enhance their prospects of glory — “or fight it out to claim all the spoils for themselves.”

Continual upgrades are going to be made to Project Quantum after launch, meaning there will always be something new for gamers to discover.

Looking ahead to the rest of this year, pre-production for the title is going to start, Quantum Works’ native token is going to be listed on exchanges, and core staff who will bring the game to life are going to be hired.

The project says that it plans to adopt an “agile development structure” — meaning that its goals and future roadmap will evolve organically. Quantum’s community is going to be a vital part of this process, with regular updates on social media.

As Fraser Gordon said: "We are pioneering the merger of two massive markets, AAA gaming and crypto. The unstoppable force of crypto, meets the immovable market domination of gaming, leading to quantum possibilities.”

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All to play for

Quantum has already entered into a partnership with OnePixelBrush, the art team behind popular titles Call of Duty and Uncharted. It has also been chosen as a Unicrypt Incubator Project.

And here’s something intriguing to look forward to: Project Quantum is set to launch into space through a new partnership that’s set to take its native cryptocurrency QBIT to the moon… quite literally.

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