Big Fish Games to Make a Huge Catch with Bitcoin

Big Fish Games decided to widen their horizons by starting the acceptance of Bitcoin as one of the payment methods for their products. The company is a well-known developer of gaming software compatible with the most operating systems present. One of their 3000 games might be found on desktop machines, smartphones or browsers. Just check Your own list – maybe You are using their developments unconscious.

Outplaying Zynga

Zygna is considered as the pioneer of game developers interested in acquiring Bitcoins for their products; however a full implementation belongs to Big Fish. The idea has come to one of the engineers on the team of developers – some discussions, evaluation of all pros and cons and the decision has been made.

CEO Paul Thelen jocosely stated:

“It’s a fun project, and it makes sense.”

Both sides of the purchase contract receive particular and very attractive advantages – the cryptocoin users have more options than they had before, but the developers reduce their costs on transaction fees.

Official Comments

The editorial board of the Coin Telegraph decided to contact Paul Thelen to receive some more, unique comments on Bitcoin, acceptance of the currency at Big Fish and the vision of the possible development strategies.

After the determination of interest of society in other cryptographic assets that has initially brought to the rice of prices of the most successful counterparts of Bitcoin, it was reasonable to ask whether the enterprise is considering the introduction of Litecoin or other currencies. Mr. Thelen insists that still Bitcoin has a higher usage rate and market capitalization, which makes it more attractive and interesting for big businesses.

The resulting advantages were obviously summed up by the CEO of Big Fish games:

“Reduce transaction expenses worldwide, increase purchase options for all our customers, attract new customers that use BTC.”

The entrance in the Bitcoin environment was easy. The Coinbase as the chosen payment processor provided the required help and made the innovation very smooth as the company had no previous experience in that field.

However, Paul Thelen is not ready and willing to make any predictions on Bitcoin:

“We launched this as it was gaining popularity, it was straightforward to implement and positions us for the future if BTC gains traction. We are an Internet game retailer, we're not in a position to speculate on the future of crypto currencies.”

Some Stats

Observing the aspect of cost reducing, it is necessary to mention that the revenue of the company was equal to 266 million dollars in 2013. 8% are given away to the processors of transactions. Just imagine the number!

The cooperation with Coinbase brings new opportunities. The operator will request less than 1% for every transaction, but the first million dollars will be serviced for free.

At first, the Big Fish games enterprise was willing to save up 8% of every Bitcoin transaction as a reserve or investment in the virtual asset, but recently has changed its mind and plans to convert all received money in US dollars.


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