Megaupload entrepreneur creator Kim Dotcom has announced he will launch an ICO for his Bitcache project.

The announcement caps a long-awaited list of updates on the “encrypted anonymous” content sharing platform, which Dotcom has built to incorporate Bitcoin payments.

The ICO, Dotcom announced on Twitter Wednesday, will raise funds towards “building global infrastructure.” At the same time, a limited release of Bitcache will be available for testing by users “next week.”

Dotcom added that Twitter followers would be able to claim a “pre-loaded” Bitcache wallet with which they can purchase online content from the platform.

The Bitcache and newly-reborn Megaupload 2 products come while their illustrious creator continues to face legal pressures in the US and New Zealand.

Last month, the US government released some of the over $42.5 mln capital and possessions previously frozen in Hong Kong, while the threat of extradition to the country still looms.

The events surrounding the legal attention placed on Dotcom since 2012 have frequently made the mainstream press, and earlier this year a dedicated documentary hit the international market.

He has also announced a return to politics, saying his party would “take down” government restricting what citizens may view online, local news resource New Zealand Herald reported earlier this month.