Curiously, the search term “bitcoin coronavirus” has overtaken “bitcoin halving” on Google Trends.

The odd search term is seeing the most traffic from Europe. Research indicates that Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland comprise the three jurisdictions that produce the most searches for “bitcoin coronavirus.”

12-Month Search Trends for “Bitcoin halving” and “Bitcoin coronavirus”: Google

Singapore, Germany, Australia, and Canada are also producing significant traffic for the keyword, while the United States ranks 13th.

Interest in ‘Bitcoin halving’ outpaces ‘ETH 2.0’

Interest in the Bitcoin’s upcoming halving is significantly dwarfing queries for Ethereum’s (ETH) upcoming ETH 2.0 revamp.

12-Month Search Trends for ‘Bitcoin halving’ and ‘ETH 2.0’: Google

When compared with the run up to Bitcoin’s previous halving, search traffic for the term “Bitcoin halving” appears to have been steadily building for many more months, suggesting that the event may be more priced into the markets this time around.

5-Year Search Trends for ‘Bitcoin halving’: Google

However, spikes in searches for “Bitcoin halving” do not appear to correlate with fluctuations in the searches for “buy Bitcoin.”

5-Year Search Trends for ‘Bitcoin halving’ and ‘buy Bitcoin’: Google

Altcoin traffic correlates to market cap

Looking at the top five altcoins by capitalization — Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin SV (BSV), we can see that volume of search traffic largely correlates to the order of each crypto asset by market cap — with the exception of “Litecoin” garnering more searches than “Bitcoin Cash”.

12-Month Search Trends for Top 5 Altcoins by Market Cap: Google

However, the traffic for “Bitcoin” dwarfs every altcoin.