At this year’s Money20/20 event held in Las Vegas, Cointelegraph had a chance to catch up with Marco Santori, chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Committee at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Marco shared his thoughts on such topics as regulation, the importance of educating the public, and the goals of the foundation for the near future.

Here is the full interview:

Santori also explained the foundation's recent repositioning toward the Bitcoin protocol, and discussed the state of the legal framework for the digital currency:

"I haven't seen a new proposed regulation yet that I think would be a net positive for the industry or Bitcoin users right now. I've seen some in the work[s], I've seen some that have been proposed in small circles that take a risk-based approach to financial intermediaries, and those are really the kinds of regulations that might have legs and might help stop the kinds of things that we want to stop with these kinds of regulations, like money laundering and achieving customer protection goals."

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