Roger Ver’s and Calvin Ayre Media Group have issued a press release stating Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the “only [Blockchain] that can do it all.”

The latest feature of the relationship between Ver and the group’s owner Calvin Ayre cements an official partnership between the two players.

The goal is “clear the Bitcoin mist” and “educate the public” on the virtues of the so-called “Bitcoin public block chain.”

“Bitcoin Cash is an electronic cash system, the 'Segwits' are not,” the release, which was issued Tuesday, states.

“...The Calvin Ayre Media Group (which includes intends to work with Roger Ver and his group to educate the world on why the Bitcoin public block chain (BCC) is the only one that can do it all.”

Ver’s support of BCH has received  increasing criticism throughout the industry and especially on social media, while Ayre’s publication has also attracted heat for its unflinching support of both ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and controversial figure Craig Wright.

A post in July dubbed “Craig Wright breaks SegWit’s illusion of Bitcoin network scale” failed to include a disclaimer that Ayre was funding Wright.

While’s mining pool this week appeared to stop supporting Bitcoin Core chain alternative SegWit2x, the mogul’s opposition to Core is still all-pervasive.

“A group calling themselves 'Bitcoin Core' began to insist, counter-intuitively, that Bitcoin was incapable of scaling to more than 250,000 transactions a day,” the release continues on the ‘history’ of Bitcoin.

“As a result they started to chip away at the very things that made Bitcoin attractive in the first place.”