Red Bull, a multi-billion dollar energy drink company, has announced the deployment of a Bitcoin-only Red Bull machine.

The world’s first Bitcoin-integrated Red Bull signature energy drink vending machine was introduced for the Hackers Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, an event sponsored and attended by the Bitcoin industry’s leading experts and companies such as Andreas Antonopoulos and Trezor.

3rd Hackers Congress Paralelni Poiis also features Bitcoin Coffee, in which event attendees and presenters can purchase pastries, coffee, and drinks using Bitcoins.

Red Bull’s Interest in Bitcoin

Red Bull released an official statement regarding their support for the Institute of Cryptoanarchy and Paralelni Polis’ decentralization and bitcoin-focused event.

The Bitcoin vending machine, which solely operates on Bitcoin, was designed and manufactured by Red Bull to promote the use of Bitcoins and “energize visitors” with an innovative and unique implementation of Bitcoin.

Red Bull Czech Republic team stated:

“The first machine is already working on the ongoing Hacker’s Congress in Paralelni Polis as the first Bitcoin Red Bull machine.”

Bitcoin Exposure at Major Red Bull Events

Red Bull is involved in most innovation and technology-focused events. The company sponsored large events and seminars with tens of thousands of viewers with their signature vending machines and newly introduced products.

The organization also hosts its own series of flagship events, such as Japanese Grand Prix, Red Bull Music Academy, and Red Bull Sea to Sky, which attracts millions of viewers worldwide.

Bitcoin-only vending machines of Red Bull will gain mainstream exposure at these events and will demonstrate the applicability of Bitcoin as a major international currency.