Andrew Torba known on the Twitter network as @torbahax has recently established an experiment, he describes it as a social one. The rules of it are rather simple – Andrew asks a question to his followers or people, who stumbled upon his tweet, the one giving the correct answer will be promoted – given some amount of BTC, normally equal from a single dollar to as much as five bucks. The interest has already gone off-scale.

Those, who have read the lemma of the article, sure are unable to suppress the interest towards a person giving away money for no special reason. Is he an altruist or just crazy about some idea? I think the description is somewhere in the middle. Andrew Torba, according to his Twitter page self-description is a co-founder and CEO of, which is a suite of cloud-based social media marketing tools, person experienced in startups, bitcoin lover and promoter, generally – lower of wisdom.

His idea was: “what better way to combine both of these passions than having a social media bitcoin giveaway on Twitter?” The first goal was to determine the engagement of people in social media – how attentive, active, open-minded they are. The result of the test shows that it was a good instrument to promote the virtual coin and to evaluate the interest. His actions gave them the opportunity to draw two conclusions – both bitcoin activists and people, who had never before used crypto currencies see value in the currency; both parties also need to see opportunities to exchange a currency towards other goods and services to accept it as an exchange method of the same level as fiat money.

The experiment started with a very plain question about the most favorite by Torba philosopher. He knew that it was only possible to guess, but very many people contributed their answer – one allowed from every account. A girl named Jesse has replied that it might be Kierkegaard that was true and obtained 5 dollars in form of bitcoin. She was not a coin user before, so the activity has motivated her to establish a wallet to receive the money from Andrew. Same was done by several other winners of the contest. However, the next question offered only a 0.000877 BTC and asked to provide an interesting name for a bitcoin startup. Many more people have given answers even knowing or not, that the prize is 5 times less – only 1 dollar.

Another thing that made Andrew to draw conclusions about the value of the coin and the attitude of the society, was also based on the fact that people are willing to do some work (guessing) to get a humble amount of bitcoins, but would never pick up a cents or penny they notice on the pavement. Torba also says that “Social media engagement is about surprise and delight.” To understand a value of something a person should be engaged in the process, go it through to form an opinion.

Andrew Torba seems to be ready to continue similar experiments to bring bitcoin community closer to the society and maybe attract new users to register wallets. It seems that he has found a very simple method everyone should learn from.