On the 3rd December one of the largest mobile communities Mobile Nations has given its users an opportunity to make a commitment to cryptocurrency movement by paying with bitcoin. The buyers’ response to this moment is positive.

In 2011 Mobile Nations has arisen from Smartphone Experts online retailer of mobile accessories as means of unification of mobile communities belonging to the latter. The Mobile Nations includes Android Central, Windows Phone Central, iMore and CrackBerry with each one responsible for the smarts operating under the according system. The community is claimed to have reached over 15 million unique visitors worldwide:

“…we like to think of Mobile Nations as the United Nations of mobile - independently each community stands strong on its own, built upon its own core group of mobile experts and enthusiasts.”

Although customers are able to relieve their bitcoin wallets in all of the four shops, so far only 0.004% of all purchases were made via this new option. On the good side, those who pay with digital currency tend to make much bigger orders. According to Kevin Michaluk, who is occupying the position of chief media officer in Mobile Nations, the single largest order in December was actually paid for with bitcoins.

Michaluk also states that their customers have been asking for such an option for the last six months. Having always been open to their users, Mobile Nations had no other choice but to grant them their wish these winter holidays.

The whole cryptocurrency implementation process is said to have been easy enough for the tech team to make it happen in just a few days. Now, for the end-user it’s as easy as clicking the right button.

So what’s it going to be? A one small step for Mobile Nations, but a strong push for the bitcoin on its way to masses!