This week, I suddenly feel like a Blackcoin journalist, rather than a Bitcoin journalist. It isn't my fault however, they just keep coming with more news.

So with that in mind, I'm going to try and get everything Blackcoin out of the way in one article:

Two days ago, we brought you news that Blackcoin can now be accepted and distributed at the Genesis 1 two-way ATM machines. Now, as we reported would happen weeks ago, Bittrex has added Blackcoin pairs to its exchange. So far, the exchange has yet to drop Litecoin as was previously reported.

Blackcoin as a base currency comes as other exchanges appear to be looking for alternatives to Litecoin for their second or third base currency. Recently, Poloniex added Monero as a third base currency alongside Litecoin and Bitcoin.

Blackcoin was reportedly chosen because of its ease of implementation, fast transaction times and strong developer support.

It is that strong developer support that has given rise to a string of wins for the increasingly popular altcoin. Starting with the release of its multi-sig and smart contract client BlackHalo and continuing through debit card support, ATM support and Bittrex pairing. 

As if that wasn't enough, the coin was one of several to be added to the Ripple based Casheer app, which allows for merchant purchases with a variety of currencies, even if that merchant doesn't accept that coin. The community also partnered with NightBark Music to create a hilarious music video with off the charts production values. And if you need some "feel-goods" the charity organization TeenAIDS has recently announced that it is accepting donations in Bitcoin and Blackcoin.

Most altcoins, and recently, even Bitcoin itself, have been seeing a decrease in value. Other than a few spikes due to good news, Blackcoin has been no exception. However, the technologies behind cryptocurrencies has continued to evolve. It seems exchanges and investors are becoming more interested in coins that can do things Bitcoin cannot, rather than Litecoin which fails to differentiate itself from Bitcoin outside of its lower price and CPU-based mining algorithm.

Bitcoin is seemingly secure on its throne as the king of the Cryptocoins, but Litecoin and Dogecoin are seeing serious challengers for their place at the top of the altcoin heap. The Bittrex and Poloniex developments appear to be the first outward signs, other than price, of cracks in their armor. Litecoin still has its name, Dogecoin still has its community, but how long can that stand in the way of the onslaught of altcoins that can do so much more?

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