A team of developers say they are in the final stages of beta testing for a “revolutionary” online game which allows players to explore an entire galaxy based on blockchain.

0xUniverse is the first Ethereum-powered title from 0xGames – and together, its professionals have decades of experience in game development. Their team was formed last November.

In this 3D rendered game, players are 22nd-century space explorers setting out in private enterprise to colonize the planets of a colorful, blockchain-powered galaxy.

Players begin by purchasing their first planet. Here they must scavenge for resources and learn craftsmanship from the natives in order to build a spaceship strong enough to take them farther in their quest. The more planets conquered, the more resources and vessel-building knowledge explorers collect.

Spacecrafts with stronger engines cover larger areas, and using enhanced radar systems increases their chances of finding rare planets. Launching a spaceship with a weaker build or in an area where many planets have already been conquered will decrease its chances of landing somewhere new – and ships that don't land can be lost forever.

0xUniverse takes players on a journey that will uncover the universe’s secrets. Each planet offers stories of love and betrayal, bloody wars, civilizations and catastrophe. The artifacts found on their surface tell stories of the races that populated the galaxy before humans came into existence. By joining forces with other explorers, players will ultimately discover the cosmic origins of life itself.

The 0xUniverse galaxy has a finite number of planets to be discovered, and because each one is a digital collectible, those richer in resources and population are more valuable. Planets fall into one of four categories: common, rare, epic or legendary. The 0xGames team says, "players can count on frequent returns on the amount they originally pay,” adding that extremely desirable planets could fetch as much as $4,000.

Public presale

The final stage of development on 0xUniverse was announced in a blog post on May 8, paving the way for a presale to begin on June 7. The game is due to be released later in the month, and a detailed roadmap is to be revealed in July. Potential players are being urged to subscribe for updates, as “the most interesting details lie ahead,” says the team.

0xGames is based in Cyprus and it is led by Sergey Kopov. Over his career, he has released more than 50 projects – and the entrepreneur has amassed 12 years of experience in game development and management. The lead on the blockchain technology behind 0xUniverse is Mike Zelenin. In the past, he has developed complex software projects – notably creating a private blockchain for Onlinepay, as well as smart contracts on behalf of Naviaddress.


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