Technology is more than a symbol of status. Rather, with every release comes a solution that makes our lives more convenient and secure. 

Therefore, when considering how technology can change the way we interact with money, it is only fitting that their use is more convenient and secure than the current standard presented with fiat money. 

The Neko, a blockchain development company that focuses on innovating the blockchain through a combination of decentralized technology products, shows the full utility of virtual currencies.

The team draws inspiration from Maneki-Neko, a series of popular Japanese figurines known for giving their owners good luck and fortune. Carrying this sentiment forward, Neko Developers aim to deliver a safe, secure and simplified experience to the cryptocurrency community. To do so, the team is looking to bring to market an ERC-20 token, MANEKI-NEKO/NEKO, a non-custodial hardware wallet, a non-custodial software wallet known as NekoMask, and a security auditing and testing solution, known as NekoGuard.

A vision of good luck

Good luck and fortune become evident in the Neko Token. With the Neko Token, holders benefit from a combination of reward and deflationary tokenomics. However, fortune is only part of the larger mission The Neko is trying to achieve. 

As assets increase in value, holders must consider how they will safely and securely store their assets and rewards. The Neko is addressing this with a software and hardware wallet. “DeFi wallets should be created in Defi and owned by DeFi, not owned by a large centralized bank,” states Joey Poareo, The Neko’s CEO.

On the software side, NekoMask is introducing the world to a non-custodial software wallet designed with a strong focus on end-user experience, considering features such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and quick disconnect. With 2FA, any unwarranted third-party access and unauthorized transfers are eliminated, and with a quick-disconnect, users can easily and instantly disconnect their wallet from any website. The Neko’s development team has further simplified the process with a pre-customizable gas mode that enables users to set their network fee ahead of their transactions.

As effective as a software wallet might be, users are also encouraged to maintain a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets exist as a physical device where investors can store cross-chain digital assets completely offline, reducing the chances of funds being subject to attack.

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NekoGuard rounds out the product set with a comprehensive project auditing service focused on security. Leveraging layers such as smart contract auditing, manual code reviews and decentralized finance (DeFi) project brand audits can minimize risk and provide protection to DeFi investors for a subset of the cost of a centralized alternative.

Together, the Neko represents the beginning of a greater ecosystem for industry change, one that they believe will become standard in the future of monetary transactions.

Expanding the product line

Following the launch of their offering, The Neko has built a strong community and following that extends across the DeFi space. The team has since begun undergoing the development and production of The Neko (Hardware Wallet) and NekoMask (Software Wallet), which are said to be released soon.

Given the soon release, the team has made NekoMask their current focus. Following the release of NekoMask, the team plans to release an institutional software wallet (multisig) and a more economical model while simultaneously improving and expanding their current products and auditing services (NekoGuard).

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