Crypto wallet service Blockchain Wallet has integrated cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay.

Payments conducted through Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain announced the news on Aug. 23, stating that it now allows its users to copy or scan invoices, allowing them to make a Bitcoin (BTC) payment entirely through its wallet app. 

The new functionality reportedly allows users to purchase products and services via BitPay’s online network while retaining ownership of their private keys through Blockchain Wallet. 

BitPay is one of the largest crypto payment processors and is offered in a multitude of online stores. It has purportedly processed nearly $3 billion in payments since 2011.

BitPay rejects $100,000 charitable donation

As reported by Cointelegraph, BitPay recently rejected a $100,000 donation to a rainforest charity. A donor reportedly tried to give this amount, in BTC and via BitPay, to Amazon Watch — a charity aiming to support the Amazon’s ecology and indigenous peoples. 

However, the donation was denied after failing BitPay’s internal checks. BitPay said the charity had set their maximum payment limit under six figures, and that the organization would need to submit new documents in order to change its payment cap.

Cryptocurrency payments startup expands in Venezuela

Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency startup called Pundi X recently announced that it was expanding into Venezuela with its crypto payments processor XPOS. Pundi X partnered with the Venezuelan chain store Traki, which agreed to use the payments device in its 49 outlets.