Cryptocurrency wallet provider Blockchain (formerly has announced it will add SegWit and full Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support.

A tweet by CEO Peter Smith Wednesday confirmed the near-term roadmap for the popular wallet, which already supports Ethereum (ETH) in addition to Bitcoin (BTC) with limited BCH functionality.

“In 2018 we will be rolling out support for SegWit within our wallet products,” an accompanying blog post reads.

“This will be a major and complex update to some of the most sensitive parts of our codebase, across a wide variety of platforms and devices, affecting billions in user transactions with potentially significant privacy implications.”

Blockchain opened up BCH balances to users in October, around eight weeks after the fork initially launched.

The rudimentary sending and exchange tool for the altcoin came via a partnership with ShapeShift, but appeared less than reliable, with freezes and other unusual behavior occurring during recent more active trading periods.

Reacting to the news, users further criticized Blockchain’s priorities, choosing to add BCH support over the much-needed SegWit implementation for BTC transactions.

“Market demand for Bitcoin Cash has proven strong and, in our view, it’s likely here to stay,” the blog post continued.