Snoop Lion (née Dogg) — MC, reggae artist and professed 81-blunts-a-day kind of guy — clearly keeps up with the tech world’s innovations.

But it just looked as if he were joking with everyone in early December when he tweeted, “My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone.”

Coinbase took the bait and offered to “make it a reality for you.” Snoop followed up “dm your info. I want to make it happen,” and the internet momentarily went nuts.

Now, it’s up to Jeff Bezos to keep up his end of the deal with the drone delivery.

The new record, “7 Days of Funk,” a collaboration between Snoop and producer Dâm-Funk, comes out today, but it’s not clear which retailers, if any, would be accepting Bitcoin payments.

Maybe the Bitcoin thing is all just for the sake of promo. Snoopzilla (his moniker on this record) knows how to play to an audience; his AMAs on Reddit are legendary, and even talking about Bitcoin is a good way for him to stay relevant with that crowd.

One way for Snoop, or any artist, to get paid in Bitcoin would be to self-distribute the record. Louis C.K. has found tremendous success with this model, selling his standups for $5 a pop directly through his website.

It’s not clear whether Stones Throw Records, the independent label out of LA that released “7 Days of Funk,” would be OK with this arrangement.

But if anyone has the clout online to make a fortune selling funk records for digital currencies, it’s Snoop.