The German arm of global fast-food chain Burger King now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments on its delivery website and mobile application. 

Payment options on the homepage

Payment options on the homepage

Despite BTC's sudden apperarance on its official website, it is unclear whether Bitcoin is also accepted in the 600 physical Burger King restaurants across Germany.

BK embraces crypto again

In summer 2017, Burger King Russia announced it will start accepting Bitcoin payments, and then introduced their own virtual currency called Whoppercoin. Also in 2017, BTC started to be accepted by a restaurant in Arnhem, a city in the Netherlands.

According to Crunchbase, Burger King launched in 1954 and is headquarted in Florida. The company now boasts 13,000 locations and serves 11 million customers a day in 98 countries worldwide. The chain has estimated annual revenues of $1.7 billion.