We are living in a volatile and unsteady cryptocoin market. With the rise of altcoins, there are new possibilities and we have a market situation where Bitcoin is no longer the sole object of interest among traders and investors. In order to track multiple currencies across markets, investors and traders need a tool that makes it easy to interpret information but also at the same they need a system in place that keeps them abreast of what is happening in cryptocurrency markets at any given point of time.

Investors and traders can obviously keep themselves well informed by analyzing charts, reading up news and sifting through various sources of information available to them. However, this is both time consuming, likely to lead to delays in the execution of trades and prone to a chronic lack of objectivity.

An answer to traders’ woes

CryptoPing is an assistant bot which can help traders and investors in the cryptocurrency space make sound decisions. The bot has tested and tried watching and analysis algorithms and it is possible for traders to sign up and start receiving information from exchanges in the form of signals immediately.

This information can help you make good decisions about what to do with a particular altcoin. The best thing about this particular bot is that it is platform independent, so no matter which device you use, you will always have access to the CryptoPing bot through a messenger.

CryptoPing already supports Telegram and is soon to be added to Slack. This also makes CryptoPing’s system incredibly easy for inexperienced users to use and they can do it anywhere irrespective of time and place.

Bot signals sent to users have a plethora of information like coin ticker, link to the exchange from which the signal was received, trading volume difference (for the last hour), change to coin rate compared with BTC, the amount of signals on the coin for the previous seven days and coin market capitalization in USD.

CryptoPing is launching new subscription based services

CryptoPing is now launching a new subscription service. This premium service will give subscription customers an edge over the customers that utilize the free service.

The paid service gives access to immediate signal delivery and customers will get more data in signals. In addition, subscribers will be able to benefit from the availability of whitelists, blacklists and get other ways to filter coins.

Customers who subscribe can take advantage of signal sensitivity personalization, signal frequency personalization and can get a history of signals and price performance for each coin in their dashboards. In addition, CryptoPing is also promising early access to new features to subscribers.

The subscription fee has been kept at 0.01 BTC per month and is based on the token price on exchanges.

Investor participation in crowdsale

While the CryptoPing project has been in beta-testing since March 2017, there is already an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) in place, which started on May 25, 2017, and will conclude on June 25, 2017.

They have a referral incentive in place where 10 percent of tokens purchased by a friend that you invite would be given to you as a reward after the end of the ICO.

The token on sale is called PING and the developers are interested in maintaining a high price for the token and will be burning 75 percent of subscription fees during the six months after the introduction of subscription and 25 percent a year later.

At the time of writing, the crowdsale had attracted nearly 1,600 investors and generated approximately 284 BTC.

A total of 10 mln PING would be supplied and the token is based on the Waves Platform. Investors can buy in BTC, LTC, Waves, Dash, ETH or ETC.

Social trading and signals from multiple exchanges

Novice traders can benefit from experienced hands through “social trading.” Subscribers will get access to this upcoming social trading platform that CryptoPing is developing.

Experienced traders can use the social trading platform to publish their trading results based on the signals they receive each day. Subscribers to CryptoPing can then access this information and copy trades or just learn more about what the pros are doing.

At the moment, traders receive signals from Bittrex, Poloniex and Cryptopia. Starting June 12, 2017, traders and investors will also be able to receive signals from the Yobit exchange. Yobit is interesting because of the highly volatile altcoins that are traded there and this is exactly what the CryptoPing bot was designed to analyze.

If CryptoPing succeeds in delivering on its mission of using market data, statistics, news and social media to produce more precise trading signals and a more accurate forecast of cryptocurrency markets, it could be a game changer.

There is a distinct possibility that it would bring clarity and simplicity to muddied waters that dominate the cryptocurrency markets today.

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