Chad Ochocinco Johnson, famous former American football wide receiver, officially expressed his interest in Bitcoin, causing a buzz on his Twitter-feed and the sports world in general. 

The footballer was once was named No. 1 among “Most Influential Athletes In Social Media” by CNBC and is bound to increase both the publicity and popularity of the crypto-currency with his. 
On April 14 Johnson twittered: 
“Discussing the concept of @Bitcoin with a friend. Can y’all show me how easy it is? #Bitcoin.” 
There was a surprising number of responses to his questions from his fans, so it is possible that the athlete might follow their lead. It is a pity that most active respondents have given him false information. One dedicated helper claimed that Bitcoin is not taxable, although IRS recently made a decision to tax Bitcoin as property. 
However, the majority of his supporters provided him with massive feedback and tutorials on the matter. One of them has gone even further giving a QR code to the sportsman worth some humble fractions of the coin. His reply is following: 
“@ochocinco just sent you a few fractions of a penny’s worth lol but you should get the idea.” 
Recent statistics say that since writing the message, Mr. Johnson has received 0.08090005 BTC. According to the current price, it is equal to US$ 40. 
Still, Johnson cannot be seen as a pioneer, his colleague Seattle Seahawks star Richard Sherman adopted Bitcoin payments on his homepage. Cointelegraph also reported on several personalities and organizations interested in Bitcoin: US Soccer Association, GKS Katowice soccer club, are but a couple of examples.