The cryptocurrency market is growing to include more assets and chains available than ever before. Unfortunately, despite the number of assets at play, most decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are still unable to deliver and facilitate the frequency and volume of trades necessary to satisfy the market. As a result, these exchanges face a lack of liquidity and high slippage, often occurring when fractions of an order are completed at a lower price and the rest at a higher and less advantageous price. 

For this reason, investors often seek out manual workarounds, including checking for the best trading prices on all DEXs before making a transaction. Despite so many exchanges at play, the market has yet to see an actual cross-chain liquidity aggregator that can facilitate transactions across multiple chains for a swap. At present, aggregators cannot access the full breadth of available chains, nor are they user-friendly. For reference, some tools force users to connect multiple wallets or manually swap them between protocols.

Chainge Finance addresses this pressing DeFi concern with the Chainge app, giving users access to the SUM liquidity of multiple DEXs across several chains at the same time. Powered by the Fusion DCRM tech, the DEX aggregates liquidity cross-chain to ensure that users get the best prices for their target swaps. 

“The Chainge app is the door to Web3. An app that provides unmatched security, top trading prices and the best cross-chain solution on the market. Furthermore, advanced integrated DeFi tools such as a derivatives market, time-framing and yield farming offer crypto users the means to maximize their wealth’s potential in a 100% decentralized way,” Dejun Qian, the CEO of Chainge Finance, shares in response to the team’s efforts. 

The result is that Chainge Finance users can tap into extensive cross-chain liquidity with a single tap.

Maximizing liquidity

Chainge Finance currently aggregates liquidity across 9 chains and 20 DEXs, including 1inch, Uniswap v1, Uniswap v2 and SushiSwap on Ethereum (ETH) and PanCake, Burger, BabySwap, ApeSwap, MDEX and BakerySwap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to name a few, with many more to be gradually added.

Other exchanges are spread across HECO, AVAX, MATIC, CRO, AURORA, ARB, FTM, KLAY and OKT. Together, users can experience the full breadth of functionality across an all-in-one solution that also serves as a wallet, therefore delivering a positive user experience and cross-chain aggregated DEX with various asset management tools.

To achieve this, Chainge combines the DCRM technology and a cross-chain swap pathfinder algorithm to facilitate traders’ cross-chain swap orders. Upon initiating a swap, the Chainge DEX algorithm searches the local database containing all the DEXs integrated with supported chains for the given pair. It then continues to search until it pinpoints the DEXs with the lowest slippage rate and best rates for the specific pair and, at the same time, determine the most liquid chains for the asset transfer. Assets are then sent to the target chains, and the amount indicated is split among the DEXs and then swapped.

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Users then receive the most advantageous amount for a given trade, in minutes, alongside benefits such as directly buying over 200 crypto assets on any chain in a cohesive multichain experience. Chainge Finance has officially become the most liquid DEX on the market, guaranteeing its users the best prices for their trades. 

Chainge stands out from all other aggregators with its ability to access liquidity across multiple chains at the same time for any given asset pair trade. The cross-chain liquidity aggregator is now live in the latest version of the Chainge app available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

450,000 and growing

Before the integration of the cross-chain liquidity aggregator, the team had already achieved a significant measure of success, with its $170 million total value locked (TVL) in liquidity pools in a total transacting group of 450,000 users. The project has since reached an all-time high 24-hour trading volume of $4 million, positioning the DeFi platform as the first and only one including a decentralized options DEX and the possibility of sending assets via Twitter handle.

Looking forward, the team is working towards the release of public APIs, allowing any project to integrate Chainge solutions, overseas bank accounts and fiat on- and off-ramp. These additions are met with a social module, which will bridge finance and social networks, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and a larger metaverse.

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