Decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) firm SingularityNET and tech conglomerate Cisco have partnered to develop applied artificial general intelligence (AGI) technologies.

AGI is one aspect of AI technology that concentrates on learning the intellectual tasks of which humans are capable. Sometimes referred to as “Strong AI,” AGI emphasizes a machine’s ability to reason in uncertain situations, solve puzzles, plan and communicate in natural language. 

Goertzel also said that the scale of Cisco’s AGI deployments will be a major driver for the firm’s development, stating:

“The work we’ve done with Cisco on smart traffic analytics using OpenCog’s logical reasoning and deep neural networks just scratches the surface.  Let’s just say we have some much broader and deeper conversations going on.” 

The recent partnership between SingularityNET and Cisco should not be confused with Cisco’s recent acquisition of Singularity Networks, an infrastructure analytics firm.

Early applications

SingularityNET founder Dr. Ben Goertzel said that initial deployments of AGI may take the form of “Narrow AGI” systems that combine the tech into verticalized markets like advertising, medical research, computer networking and financial analytics.

Indeed, SingularityNET has already applied its technology in certain sectors. In May, the Singapore and Malaysia division of Domino's Pizza partnered with SingularityNET to use the blockchain-powered AI technology in its supply chain processes.

That same month, Chinese insurance giant Ping An partnered with the firm in a collaboration that will purportedly focus on optical character recognition, computer vision and model training. 

Dr. Goertzel has said that AGI will gain broad traction in the near future, stating, “In 10 years you’re going to see AGIs with IQs higher than humans.”