Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr — who has worked with Cointelegraph since 2017 as head of features and, most recently, managing editor — has accepted the role of editor-in-chief. Alex Cohen is taking over as managing editor, having previously worked as a senior news editor.

Cornèr came to the media outlet four years ago with master’s degrees in political science and classical philology, having previously worked in international communications and innovative project management. She currently works in four languages and knows another four — including ancient Greek and Latin — in addition to studying Arabic.

Cornèr joins other women representing crypto news publications at high-profile events, including Laura Shin, a crypto journalist and former senior editor at Forbes, and Jillian Godsil, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of Blockleaders. Most recently, Cornèr was Cointelegraph’s ambassador at the G20 High Level Independent Panel, asking regulators and lawmakers how blockchain technology could help promote financial inclusion for women.

“When I started at Cointelegraph, we were still in an emerging state where expertise in blockchain and journalism did not coincide. Now that we’ve built a team of passionate professional advocates for the blockchain ecosystem, I feel confident that we will help advance the industry to the next level by bringing more innovators to the market and breathing more synergy into our future.”

Cointelegraph has promoted several people from within to fill key leadership roles. In September 2020, former editor-in-chief Jay Cassano stepped up to become the publication’s CEO. Jon Rice, who was in charge of Cointelegraph Magazine at the time, took the reins from Cassano before announcing in May 2021 that he would be moving on to serve as editor-at-large.

“Kristina Cornèr is an extremely accomplished individual who has been the backbone of Cointelegraph for several years,” said Rice. “Many of our strongest editorial policies have their roots in her understanding of the media landscape.” He added:

“As someone who speaks and reads in eight different languages, Kristina is the perfect choice to lead a truly global publication.”

The new editor-in-chief comes on board as Cointelegraph enjoys some significant milestones. The company’s Twitter account recently passed 1 million followers for the first time, and financial news outlet Benzinga ranked Cointelegraph Magazine as the “best blog for crypto news.” 

Regarding her vision for the future, Cornèr further added: 

“The crypto community is one of the most inspiring groups of people I have ever met. They are smart, communicative, young at heart, quick to adapt, visionary, ambitious and daring. It is an incredible pleasure to work with them on a daily basis, help them be heard, translate their ideas for different audiences, and inspire a new generation of game-changers with their stories.”