Despite the ever-increasing trend of wallets allowing dozens of cryptocurrencies to be stored in one place, one provider claims there is demand for a more focused approach to keeping coins safe.

Freewallet says it has established a range of wallets around one of the most common requests from the community: dedicated, stand-alone applications for specific digital currencies.

The company argues that the appeal of stand-alone wallets lies in how they offer familiarity and convenience to those who dislike holding all of their assets in one place. Freewallet drew a comparison between stand-alone wallets and credit cards that support a single currency. Another benefit that the team pointed out lies in how users of single-currency wallets face lower commission fees — meaning they can pay in and pay out with crypto on more favorable terms.

Version 2.0 for 16 stand-alone wallets was recently rolled out by Freewallet across Android and iOS, benefitting users of 11 coins and tokens. Developers had been working on the improvements for the better part of six months — and emphasize that there is a range of new features and perks for the community to make the most of.

“Easy and secure”

By providing each app with a simple and user-friendly interface, Freewallet strives to make the crypto world accessible for those who are acquiring digital currencies for the first time. However, this doesn’t come at the expense of restricting access to the vibrant range of coins and tokens on the market — stand-alone wallets can still be topped up with almost any cryptocurrency, and exchanges can be easily executed within the Freewallet ecosystem.

Solomon Brown, head of PR at Freewallet, said: “First of all, we’ve focused on improving usability, and I hope our customers appreciate the new level of convenience.”

According to Freewallet, the team also prioritizes high-level security. The “extreme security measures” that have been deployed to keep funds safe, joined with the company’s ethos of constant improvement, means new features are being added on a regular basis. 

Freewallet offers cold storage options, two-factor authentication, PIN codes and fingerprints, while also periodically adding new features. With the addition of multisignature confirmations, along with daily and weekly transfers, Freewallet has shown its determination to safeguard its users’ security, the company emphasizes.  

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The development team notes it has recently been able to enhance user experience on the platform without compromising security. Due to support for push notifications across all devices — including the popular Apple Watch — wallet users can now get instant alerts when money enters or leaves their account. This has been done to give Freewallet clients the most effective controls possible.

“Attractive tools” for crypto operations

Even with the detail that goes into its security, it’s still easy to sign up for Freewallet: Users can sign in with their Gmail or Facebook accounts as well as with their mobile phones. The company says it has made every effort to ensure that purchasing cryptocurrencies and keeping them secure is something that’s easy for everyone, regardless of experience level. It doesn’t matter where a user lives, as Freewallet caters to an international client base, with its intuitive interface available in 13 different languages.

At the moment, Freewallet clients can buy eight cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, TRON and BNB. What’s more, the fully integrated exchange on the platform supports around 100 different cryptocurrencies, while top-ups can be made via credit card if the user prefers. 

The team seems to be contributing to the mass adoption effort by letting users get their first EOS wallet without CPU and RUM payments while also making transfers within the Freewallet Family instant and fee-free. When it comes to Bitcoin, crypto holders are free to choose between four tiers of transaction fees. This enables urgent transfers to be properly prioritized, while also ensuring that costs are kept low for payments that are not time-sensitive. 

Such flexibility not only helps users find that all-important balance between value and convenience but also allows Freewallet to adapt to the changing demands and new technologies that continue to push this industry forward.

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