Known in the crypto industry for his comments on the burgeoning asset class, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang's name does not appear on the DNC's latest speaker list, according to an article from USA Today. 

Released on Aug. 10, the current DNC speaker list includes Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, among others, USA Today said.  

"I’ve got to be honest I kind of expected to speak," Yang said in an Aug. 11 tweet. "Maybe I endorsed against one too many incumbents," he added in a following Twitter post

Congressman Ted Lieu followed up on the social media platform, expressing his displeasure in the decision to leave Yang off the DNC speaker list, noting a lack of Asian American speakers scheduled for the event.  

Yang has mentioned Bitcoin a number of times during his political endeavors in recent years, including a call for crypto regulation and plans for mobile voting structured with blockchain underpinning. Yang dropped out of his presidential campaign in February 2020, roughly one month before COVID-19 began to dominate the headlines.