A decentralized sharing economy protocol is championing two new projects that are part of its ever-growing ecosystem.

TimeCoinProtocol offers an environment where DApps can be built that bring people closer together — and the company is also focused on rolling out services that tap into current trends.

One of its new projects is GameTomodachi, which enables enthusiastic gamers to find new players to share their passion with. Not only does this ecosystem offer a powerful way of making new friends, but it also gives users the chance to play games with top YouTubers, VTubers, and professional esports players.

During each game, players can communicate with each other about their hobbies and interests. From a business perspective, this also allows influencers to sell tickets for their time, share pictures and video, and release nonfungible tokens too.

A flurry of development has been taking place on GameTomodachi, and each milestone of the roadmap has been marked on Github.

A brand-new production company

TimeCoinProtocol has been working with virtual YouTubers — otherwise known as VTubers — for some time now. Especially popular in Japan, this is where entertainers use anime-inspired avatars to interact with their fans and spread new content to the masses.

The company has now launched a new VTuber production called NeoRad, and aims to take entertainment to the next level by exploring the world of digital art.

NeoRad’s goal is to support fledgling content creators as they seek to build a following in their chosen specialty — whether that’s gaming, singing, music, anime or comics. A supportive environment ensures that they can develop their skills and discover the crucial milestones they need to accomplish in order to become a star.

A number of prominent VTubers have already signed up to NeoRad — including Shirahari Uni, Nekohime Niko, and Irodori Mushiki. To give you an idea of the reach of some of these VTubers, a big milestone for TimeCoinProtocol came when Shirahari Uni surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

Talented VTubers can submit an application to join NeoRad on an exclusive basis, and the project says that it is also on the lookout for gifted video editors, illustrators and artists who can serve as part of the production team.

NeoRad and GameTomodachi are going to work symbiotically — with each platform promoting the other.

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What’s next

TimeCoinProtocol has been working extensively on broadening the services that are offered through its platform.

Looking ahead, the project is planning to increase its presence across Japan, India, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines — countries that collectively have millions of would-be users. From here, the company wants to establish its brand in the West, where a deep fascination with anime and Japanese culture is likely to be exacerbated further by the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

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