Personal Details

Daniel Díez García, born in 1992, currently living in Asturias, Spain


BBA from the University of Oviedo Faculty of Business & Economics

Professional experience and achievement

Daniel first got into ecommerce two years ago by selling electronics on eBay. His mobile app Autogas later won the Áccesit award at the Telefonica Innovation in Mobile Applications Awards.

Daniel specializes in portfolio management and has since joined the Cryptor Trust’s European Advisory Board and the Lifeboat Foundation’s New Money Systems Board.


High-risk assets trading, portfolio management, ecommerce, MOOCs, entrepreneurship, Internet banking, Austrian Economics, marketing, extreme sports, calisthenics

First experience with cryptocurrencies

Daniel learned of Bitcoin in early 2012 through a friend

Role in the Bitcoin community 

Daniel is involved in the Spanish community via social networks, think tanks such as and, and crowd-learning platforms such as

Daniel also notes he is working on a new Bitcoin-related project which he plans to share publicly soon.