Blockchain data storage and privacy start-up Sharder wants to increase its data storage space as it looks to provide the storage hub for the Island blockchain application.

The new application, called Boxes, punches up Sharder’s storage by an additional 96 terabytes. It’s current storage hub currently handles 32 terabytes. 

Sharder chief marketing officer Paul Rogash told Cointelegraph Boxes will act as the storage hub for Island and will come out in the third quarter of this year. 

“Boxes will interact with other blockchain applications where we can give more security and storage space,” Rogash said. “One of its key uses is for the upcoming Island application which is in the final stage of development.

Island, a storage application for sensitive data, will be released globally in October. Rogash said Island approached Sharder last year and signed a development contract in February. 

Sharder provides secure storage of files across multiple blockchains. Data is encrypted and then split into fragments before being distributed to different nodes. The company said its model ensures data is more secured this way. It also allows for easier authentication and validation of data. 

“We’re not storing data you consistently have to call up; this is data that is sensitive and you want secured such medical files or police reports,” Rogash said. “You want to make sure that information is very secure.” 

Along with Island, Sharder already works with SignEase and Filecoin, who is also working on a decentralized storage mainnet. Sharder also has a token, SS, to pay for storage services. Rogash said the company is in talks with other companies to offer Boxes as a secure data storage hub.