Personal Details

David V. Duccini, born in 1968, currently living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States


MSc in Software Engineering and MBA

Professional experience and achievement

David is an information security consultant and serial entrepreneur. He has provided InfoSec analysis and management consulting services for more than 25 years, and he has launched a number of startups, including growing a regional ISP.


Private pilot, SCUBA diving, brewing beer and existential philosophy

First experience with cryptocurrencies

2010. David built the world’s first "octo-bamt" system, a water-cooler quad ATI HD5970 monster at the time. He says he has been tumbling deeper down the rabbit hole ever since.

Role in the Bitcoin community

Change agent. David launched, a patent-pending screensaver miner that displays non-profit and pro-social causes photo albums while working to generate bits of coin donations for them.

He recently launched the nonprofit Strength in Numbers Foundation to take over the Givecoin development and to fund the development of IDCoins, a cryptocurrency for identity and reputation based on a web-of-trust model.